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Engines and Superchargers

From our experience in competition car design, we have a successful history of racing engine development projects.

Suzuki Hayabusa

From many years of experience working with the engine, we have produced a number of pioneering add-on systems to improve on the popular standard, and race-tuned units. The revisions are designed to eliminate the deficiencies often associated with motorcycle derived engines, yet use their strengths to offer a power unit capable of exceptional performance levels.

Stressed sump and final drive installation

DJ have self developed a revolutionary installation structure for the Hayabusa that encompasses a stressed sump and enclosed final drive system. This unit replaces the original chain drive, and incorporates an adjustable ratio geartrain

The drivetrain utilise an Quaife ATB differential, which is driven by a changeable ratio gear set, for maximums speeds of up to 170mph* The entire lightweight and compact assembly allows the engine to be mounted to a chassis via points on the sump plate and side brackets. The structure also integrates the mounting points for the rear suspension assembly. This has produced an installation solution that provides all the benefits of a traditional longitudinal race engine/ sequential gearbox rear-end, yet with the lower costs of a motorcycle engine setup.

*wheel and tyre size dependant


In order to extract further performance from a Hayabusa unit, we have developed two methods of supercharged induction to increase power output.

Belt driven
The belt driven system we have developed utilises a Rotrex C30 supercharger and integrates onto the sump plate. It has proved to be a reliable and hassle-free system that raises power output to in excess of 320HP** on a race tuned 1400cc unit

Gear driven
Our gear drive unit utilises a Rotrex C38 supercharger with custom housing that integrates onto the crankcase, taking direct drive from the clutch ring gear. This allows the unit to be installed on engines that retain the standard sump. The system installed on a 1400cc race engine has raised power output to in excess of 360HP** .

** power figures at the wheels from rolling road dynamometer mapping

Both systems also utilise our custom exhaust and intake systems, and can be configured to use a number of engine management systems (Motec, DTA etc.)

Cosworth XD

DJ have recently undertaken development of the Cosworth XD 2650cc V8, and are able to offer examples of the engine for use in our own Firestorm hillclimb cars, or for other competition car applications, such as Euroboss/Boss GP ex-F1 chassis or prototype sportscar retrofit

We were the first company to run the XD in naturally aspirated form and on unleaded pump fuel, in difference to its original turbocharged methanol installation in Champcar. The engine runs a bespoke high pressure fuel system, and an all new electrical system utilising Motec engine management that has been developed in conjunction with motorsport industry wiring specialists.

We have taken extensive advice from the Cosworth design office on the re-work the engine, and have plans to offer uprated capacity versions of the engine in the future.

The 2.65 L version of the XD produces in excess of 500HP and runs to a 15,000 rpm set rev limit.

We also have a strong working partnership with our partners who are able to provide full rebuild and dyno mapping services for the XD.

Specifications of the engine:

  • 2.65L V8 running on RON102 unleaded petroleum, limited to 15,000 rpm
  • DJ high pressure fuel rail running Cosworth-F1 spec injectors and mechanical fuel pump.
  • DJ carbon fibre airbox with custom airfilter
  • DJ oil and water systems specifically developed for XD engine installation
  • Bespoke wiring loom running Motec engine management and data logging, with closed loop control, pneumatic throttle blip system.

In its installation in the DJ Firestorm, the engine runs mated to a Lola Cars F.Nippon B06/51 LT1B gearbox and utilises the additional ancillaries.

  • Tilton 4.5” Carbon race clutch (and HRB)
  • Tilton starter motor
  • DJ developed onboard starter motor assembly - first drivetrain to run the XD engine with an integrated onboard starter system.
  • Custom output shaft
  • Billet machined aluminium bellhousing.
  • Fully integrated closed loop control, pneumatic gearshift system.
  • Custom twin water radiator installation.

DJ Engineering are able to offer the XD engine for use in other racecar applications, and are able to undertake all installation requirements, from design through to testing trackside support. The above specifications can be reconfigured to accommodate the XD with a range of other gearboxes and for specific car installations.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements

Suzuki Hayabusa engine installation in naturally aspirated form

Belt driven supercharger installation on the Suzuki Hayabusa rear-end

Gear driven supercharger installation kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa

The DJ Cosworth XD

The DJ Cosworth XD airbox and fuel system

CAD model of the Cosworth XD and Lola B06/51 gearbox, as utilised for the DJ Firestorm rear-end



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