DJ RacecarsDesigners and Constructors of light weight speed hillclimb and sprint cars - Manufacturers of high quality carbon fibe aerofoils for motorsport and track use.DJ Racecars - Tel: +44 1663 734518

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DJ Racecars

We have a history of producing record holding single-seaters that compete in UK Sprint and Speed Hillclimb. Our current racecars, the Firehawk and Firestorm, are fully designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Manufacture (CAM) techniques, employ carbon fibre composite monocoque’s and bespoke drivetrain installations to provide an optimised lightweight, safe, and highly competitive solution for the specific requirements of Speed Event competition.

DJ Firehawk

The Firehawk is an ultra-lightweight design bike-engine single seater that can be specified for the 1600 class ‘J’ and 2 litre class ‘K’ engine regulations of sprint and hillclimb. It runs in many configuration levels, employing our in-house developed Suzuki Hayabusa engine installation and final drive system, running in normally aspirated or supercharged forms. We also offer many bodywork and aerodynamic setups that can be specified for the customer’s requirements, allowing this adaptable design to be a front running record holder in multiple categories across Hillclimb and Sprint racing. For further information on the DJ Firehawk, please contact the office.

DJ Firestorm

The Firestorm is the first foray into the unlimited class of British Hillclimb for the company, and made its debut in the middle of 2009.

The first car is powered by a DJ developed, Cosworth XD V8, mated to a Lola Cars sequential LT1B gearbox. It was commissioned by hillclimb competitor Wallace Menzies.

The car is an all new, clean sheet concept, and was fully designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Working with advice on chassis design from renowned racecar designer Martin Ogilvie and closely with Cosworth and Lola Cars on the drivetrain specification, the car is fully modelled in 3D CAD, and manufactured direct from the data utilising our in-house CNC capabilities. We have also looked to industry leading companies for wiring and gearshift systems for the project, to produce a car that represents a step-up in design optimisation and integration for the hillclimb and sprint car market.

The design is currently based around a Cosworth XD/Lola LT1B drivetrain, but is able to be configured for use with other V8 or V10 race engines and gearboxes that are used in UK hillclimb, Euroboss/Boss GP, etc.

The design has proved to extremely reliable with front-running pace from its first test. Please see the current projects section for more details on the car developments that are in progress.

We are currently taking enquires for the Firestorm, please call for more information and to discuss your requirements.

DJ Firehawk in action during 2010, driven by Nigel Morris

DJ Firehawk CAD model

DJ Firestorm at Gurston Down during 2010

DJ Firestorm CAD model


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