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Projects - Unlimited Class Hillclimb Car
Wind Tunnel development

The DJ Firestorm made its debut in mid 2009 to mark the first car by the company to run in the unlimited class of British Hillclimbing. Wallace Menzies, who had previously run with one of the company’s supercharged Firehawk’s, worked with the company to develop the car into a front runner throughout 2010.
The car hit the track for initial shakedown testing in June 2009, running faultlessly and proving to be on the pace straight off the mark. The project was able to hit the track just months after the first parts had been drawn up on the CAD screen, with the car featuring no carry-over parts from the company’s previous car, the Firehawk, and adopting many new technologies to the Hillclimb car sector. Throughout 2010 the car was developed in light of the design freedom afforded by the regulations of British Hillclimb. Following a development process for the vehicle suspension system, to incorporate 3rd elements at both front and rear of the car, the aerodynamic performance of the car was further optimised with wind tunnel testing at the MIRA full scale facility.

DJ staff and regular Racecar Engineering Journal columnist Simon McBeath were in attendance with DJ Firestorm driver Wallace Menzies for a busy day of testing at the MIRA full size wind tunnel in late November 2010. With a large range of front and rear wing configurations, and a multitude of add-on bodywork aero devices brought along for the test, the aim of the development work was to identify an optimised setup for the specific demands of speed hillclimb competition.

In a day of numerous setup changes and insightful test runs, a selection of refined aerodynamic setups for the Firestorm had been identified, yielding significant performance improvements over the ‘baseline’ car, which had proved to be a highly efficient open-wheel design from the outset. With the results analysed post-test day in detail by Simon McBeath and DJ staff, a planned raft of aerodynamic improvements will be developed for the Firestorm for the 2011 season based on the findings.

For further in-depth details on the wind tunnel test programme, please see the ‘Aerobytes’ column in the issues of Racecar Engineering Journal between March and June 2011.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Wind Tunnel Testing

Wind Tunnel Testing


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