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Projects - Cosworth XD Engine Development

With the commissioning of a new unlimited class hillclimb car for 2009, DJ Engineering felt there was no suitable race engine in race-ready condition for use in their new project. The company therefore undertook the re-development of the Cosworth XD Champcar engine to better suit the specific requirements of their compact chassis design, requiring converting the unit to a high-revving gasoline, normally aspirated engine.

Working closely with the Cosworth design office, the engine was re-configured to accept a new bespoke intake system, high pressure fuel system and cooling installations, using F1-spec components. Engine mapping produced a power output of well over 500HP, and revving to a 15,000rpm limit. The engine has proved to run with perfect reliability throughout 2009 and 2010 in the DJ Firestorm of Wallace Menzies, and proves to be one of the most modern and recent powerplant options available to the hillclimb and sprint sector.

For 2011, DJ has undertaken work to produce an uprated capacity version of the XD, the first example of which will be campaigned by Wallace Menzies in the 2011 British Hillclimb Championship. The re-design work has been undertaken with advice provided by the Cosworth design office to increase the power of the engine, yet retain the beneficial characteristics of the unit in its original capacity.

For more details on the project, please see the feature column, ‘Firestorm Rising’ in the February 2011 issue of Racecar Engineering Journal.

DJ are now offering the XD engine in 2.65 or 3.2 L capacity variants for use in future orders for the DJ Firestorm. For use in other applications we are able to provide a range of engine components for the naturally aspirated conversion, or full car redevelopments to install the engine with any chassis/gearbox combination. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

With our development of the Cosworth XD, we also hold in stock a range of engine build and service components. Please contact us for more details on specific availability.

The Cosworth XD

The Cosworth XD

spares supplies for the Cosworth XD


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