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Carbon Fibre Wings

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality carbon fibre wings, that have seen use throughout many series in international motorsport competition.

The outer wing skins are laid up and cured as one-piece in high pressure aluminium moulds, and are combined with exceptionally stiff and lightweight carbon box spars (also made using high pressure tooling). A range of bracket options are available to suit each specific installation, allowing us to produce an airfoil of exceptional quality and proven race-winning design.

All profiles are designed by aerodynamics writer, designer and regular contributor to Racecar Engineering journal, Simon McBeath.  All our profiles have been developed from CFD analysis, along with full scale wind tunnel validation work from customer development programs.

We have 3 profiles available: SM153, SM183 & SM203 main elements. All can be used in conjunction with a smaller SM101 flap (available in chords between 120 and 170mm).

Flaps are available in a range of chords and fitting options for all our main profiles, or for individual/retrofit use.

SM153 is mainly employed as a main element for front wing assemblies for use on single seater cars, and can be fitted to any number of vehicles

SM183 is an efficient and versatile profile and is suited to use in a rear wing assembly. It has been successfully applied in a diverse range of applications from GT racing to track-day cars, and on the quad element rear wing assembly on our hillclimb cars.

SM203 is a high downforce profile that can be more suited to motorsport competition such as Hillclimb/Sprint or Autocross, or for high power/high downforce vehicles where aerodynamic grip requirements are of increased importance.

CFD analysis data on the performance and efficiency of the 183 and 203 profiles in single and dual element configuration is available by referring to data plots available from our development partner, ‘The Wing Shop’.


With all our wings, each specification is bespoke to the requirements of the customer, due to our range of bracket options for multi element design installations.  We are very happy to discuss your individual requirements on a one-to-one basis, and our vast experience allows us to advise to the most suitable option.

Our starting prices for each wing are;

Front ‘153’ single element wing
                                                                        From £995

Front ‘153’ main element, with ‘101’ single tier flap(s) wing
                                                                        From £1495

Rear ‘183’ single element wing
                                                                        From £995

Rear ‘183’ main element with ‘101’ single tier flap wing
                                                                        From £1495

Rear ‘203 single element wing
                                                                        From £1095

Rear ‘203 single element with ‘101’ single tier flap wing
                                                                        From £1595

Prices are based on our standard bracket options and our maximum span lengths of 1700mm for all ‘153’ and ‘183’ variants, and 2100mm for all ‘203’ variants.

We also regularly hold in stock a range of used wings that are available at reduced prices, please contact us to discuss your requirements and for details on prices.

All wing options can be supplemented with additional element devices such as additional flaps, or a front ‘slat’ to produce 3+ element wings, with prices varying accordingly.

We are also able to offer more standard additions such as gurney strips and a range of endplate styles. Endplates are available in many forms, from monolithic profiles to any required dimension, to regulation specific designs, such as those seen in FIA GT, or structural units such as those utilised in multi-tier single-seater installations. We are also able to provide bespoke design and manufacturing requirements for any installation, Contact us for more details.

Customers for our range of wings Include:

DJ Firestorm and Firehawks:
All DJ cars running in the MSA British Hillclimb championship run our front and rear wing assemblies.

Lotus Sport
Supplier to Lotus Sport for the Exige GT3, 2-Eleven GT4 and Evora GT4

Riley Technologies
Riley Tech XXII Track day car

Ascari Cars
Team Preci-Spark in the British GT Championship

Matech Racing 
2009 Ford GT GT1 programme

SSCA Autocross (USA) competitors
Class Winners Dan Wasdahl, Fred Zust and Clemens Burger

Also numerous cars in Historic F1, UK Speed/VdeV, Hillclimb, International GT racing, to kit-cars and high performance road and track-day cars across the world.

As well as wings, we are able to produce a range of custom aerodynamic composite components for competition cars, please see the capabilities section for details of our works to date.

Triple element front wing assembly, of ‘153’ main element and dual ‘101’ flaps, as run by the DJ Firehawk and DJ Firestorm

Dual tier rear wing assembly, of ‘183’ main element and ‘101’ flap, as run by the DJ Firehawk and DJ Firestorm.

183’ single element rear wing, as supplied to Lotus Sport for the 2-Eleven GT4

Custom twin element rear wing, of ‘183’ main element and ‘101’ flap’ for the Riley Technologies MkXXII Track Day Car

Custom twin element rear wing, of ‘183’ main element and ‘101’ flap’ for the Matech Ford GT GT1 Progamme in 2009

Front ‘153’ and rear ‘203’ wing elements for the Arrows A4 Historic F1 car, run by G-Cat Racing

Dual element rear wing assembly, of ‘183’ main element and ‘101’ flap , as run by RLR MSport on the Ligier JS49 LMP3 in 2010, along with a full aerodynamic update package, supplied and developed by DJ

Single element ‘203’ rear wing, as run by the Paragon Porsche 997GT3 RSR in 2010

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