DJ RacecarsDesigners and Constructors of light weight speed hillclimb and sprint cars - Manufacturers of high quality carbon fibe aerofoils for motorsport and track use.DJ Racecars - Tel: +44 1663 734518

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We have expertise in the production of composite components for use in all applications of motorsport, from structural components, to bodywork and aerodynamic devices.

We have the ability to work with pre-preg or wet lay-up techniques, in carbon, glass-fibre and aramid materials, from design right through to pattern, mould making and final part manufacturing.

Our parts are laminated in-house by our highly skilled and experienced staff, using our own oven and vacuum systems, and we are able to accommodate a large range of component sizes. Previous projects we have worked on include our own carbon-fibre single seat monocoques, through to prototype sportscar front splitters and diffusers for customer development projects.

CNC Machining

We have a range of CNC machining capabilities, allowing us to work directly from CAD data in the manufacture of precision metallic components and mould tools. We specialise in the machining of aluminium alloy and steels, and pattern tooling materials such as epoxy block and foams.

Our plant list consists of;

1 x CNC 3 axis machining centre – for precision metallic components
1 x CNC lathe – for all turned part requirements
1 x CNC 3 axis large scale router – for pattern and mould piece production

Various manual machining plant for turning and drilling, and a fully equipped workshop


Our highly skilled staff and extensive workshop facilities mean we are able to produce precision TIG welded fabrications, in a range of steel grades, ranging from projects such as full spaceframe chassis manufacture to complex suspension components. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce CNC produced jigs and tooling, and our large network of laser cutting suppliers allows us to design and manufacture parts of high complexity and excellent repeatability.




Glass-fibre pre-preg prototype sportscar front splitter for RLR MSport Ltd. Fully designed, manufactured and developed in-house by DJ

Carbon-fibre pre-preg front splitter dive planes, along with ‘203’ profile rear wing and bespoke carbon endplates for KZ1R Team Preci-Spark in the British GT championship.

Composite repairs undertaken to the outer second chassis from infamous Lotus T88, for its recent competition in the Historic F1 Championship

In-house machining of Lola B06/51 gearbox components on our 3 axis machining centre, using our direct CAD to CAM production capabilities

Steel spaceframe for the DJ Firehawk SF001, designed in CAD, along with all production jigs and laser cut tubes. Tig welded by our expert fabrication staff.


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